Fed up with caste/community issues


Still in the practical life, highly respected and educated people think inter-caste/religion marriage is a sin. Such people don want to come and discuss wats the issue with it. They are just worried tat its something different and dono about the outcome of the same and think it wont work. We, humans literally know wats gud/bad in the true sense. We know to register a police case is the right thing to do after meeting with an accident.. but how many of us did that, even I never did tat. We know whats rite, but we don do it. jus don do it and blame everyone in the society. Wats religion/caste for afterall.. its for betterment of our lives nothing more, nothing less. If tats not helping why to worry abt the same… I don think am rational.. am still conservative. But this doesn’t come to a rational point of view. Its jus logical.

To those who mind their caste/creed watever .. a simple punch line “Time doesn’t wait if u are xxx religion and doesnt end if u are in xxxx religion.. Everything in life is same mate, watever, wherever,whoever !”


Soothing Song…..

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I love this song .. u can hear it here

I jus feel relieved/relaxed and forget the near ahead problems (like exams !), and get a better confidence.. It jus helps me to go ahead with life/work watever happens.. 🙂

It goes like this..

Soothing Song..!

kaNgaLil enna eeramoa?
nenjinil enna baaramoa?
kaagaLil adhai vaangava?
oru thaayai poala unnai thaangavaa? (2)

petravaL vittu poagalaam
annai boomiyum vittu poaghuma?
thannuyir poala kaappadhil
thaayum nilavum ondrudhaan
irukkum thaayai kaathidu
mayakkam theerndhu vaazhndhidum
puthu koalam poadu
vizhi vaasalil kalakkam yaenaiyaa?

(kaNgaLil enna…)

ammamma indru maaRinaen
anbukku nandri kooRinaen
uLLathin kaayam aaRavum
udhaviyadhu un vaarthai dhaan
nimmadhi indri vaadinaen
nindrida nizhal thaedinaen
thikkatru poana vaeLaiyil
therindhadhu en paadhaigaL
unadhu paadal kaettadhu
manadhil paalai vaarthadhu
puyal kaatril vaadi nindra oadam dhaan
karaiyai saerndhadhu…

kaNgaLil illai eeramae
nenjinil illai baaramae
kaagaLil adhai vaanginaay
oru thaayai poala ennai thaanginaay