Was discussing about the tester’s role in OSS in LinuxChix mail list, though I was aware of bugzilla and stuff like that, never ever did anything except talking/blogging.. So jus thought let me ask out wats tat I can do.. its kind interesting to find how much hard work is put in the bug tracking/fixing in mozilla project. Mozilla, widely popular since the release of firefox.

Tempted to go for a small flash back 🙂

It was in my college days, few years back, I heard of some new(*) operating system, till then I was playing solitaire in windows 98 ( solitaire is still my fav ). Though was worried about formatting in the pretext of LOD (Loss of Data) I tried to check various windows based softwares which are released in Free licence (never ever cared about it til i chked out wat GPL is all about) … Jus came across a new simple browser named phoenix, it was kool, but lacked lot of addons, plugins and was not the direct replacement of IE for a normal user. Later the name changed to firebird since the older name had some conflict issues with some company (?). Firebird s a DB server, so name change again and finally we have firefox.. kind of interesting.. to see thousands of bugs being tracked by litmus for this piece of s/w .. registered myself there, and hope to run some testcases and file bug reports 😛

B4 litmus they had testrunner, which is now testopia, I don’t know why is this change to litmus, but the interface which tells testcase pass/fail is really kool!