Wats it? power, monei, love?…?? not so complicated.. but the abiliti ti imagine..

happy-faceI was jus thinking how nice it would be to have a pizza now, hot creami, with a great tomato sauce.. I can’t hav it at this time 12 in the nite, which would look odd.. though i don care.. but i can imagine miself havin it.. which is obviousli the better thing that we can do.. without troubling anione.. Mind makes everithing.. frames everithing.. though i eat.. its mi brain tat sends signals and tells me its tasti.. so i can jus think am eating some stuff veri tasti.. and it helps to overcome the desire bi partialli achieving it 🙂 sounds creepi and funni.. but I do this most often. Not alwas thinking abt pizzas.. 😛

I think the same when mi inabiliti comes in the first place, like when manager trashes  for petti reason showing his poor attitude, or when call center guy frm a bank doesnt  respond properli or even when u order something and it doesnt come.. in the first place if the stuff is badly crafted and buggin me, I tend to forget else will try to imagine somethign gud happened or the person who did this very gooooood 😀 this kind of reduces the temper and makes me get along with craps atleast for wat we call the society..

Note: Most of the places where “y” s tere is replaced with “i” since  y s not working in mi keiboard..