Always I feel happy when I hear the sound/noise/music tat a rain makes.. It really makes me feel happy and sleep more πŸ˜€

Point is these days its really raining more and am sleeping bit too much than wats expected out of a twenty something gal.. but it jus happens.. cant help..

I hear dad tell me he s not sleepy sometimes, but tats not the end of the story.. he sleeps jus after few seconds.. he tells the same. hehhehe


Only thing tat strike me, ever since I had a critically acclaimed dream.. Here goes the dream..

In which a street sleeper jus sits, eats (if possible) and dozes in the street… I giv him a rupee each day when I go to school, when I come back from school he won’t be there.. he jus wont be there… But next day morning he wil b jus in time to grab his share of a rupee from me.. This goes on for months together. One it starts to rain and it rains continuously for a week.. I almost forgot the street sleeper.. Finally rain s drained and flood s flushed.. and schools starts ringing bells.. I get up and go out with my one rupee to see the guy missing.. surprising since he was never late.. next day also he was not there.. day after.. and a few more days.. Finally I hear he s dead with some flu due to rain, I wake up tears in my eyes .. and near by my bed I see a 1 rupee coin.. it took me 10 mins to realise its a dream..

Frm tat day.. wenever I hear rain.. jus feel how it will be to live out tere without a cover … I cant do a bit to change this.. I jus think tat someone who is not havin shelter now should get it.. and the sound of rain should be happy noise for everyone.. and not something which makes them count their days..