No idea who invented the calling bell.. its always.. it always plays very funny important role in my life atleast so far.. 😉


Bell Rings Whenever am doin the following ….

  • wen am in loo
  • washing face, without an idea where my glasses are
  • there is power cut
  • sleeping 😀
  • eating in a position unable to get up immed
  • above all happens when tere s no on n home 😦

Dono how ppl know tat am doin the above stuff.. yesterday got bell ringing when I was sleeping.. went and saw it was a courier guy.. to my surprise he was very angry.. started shouting at me telling some crap, din understand a bit.

Finally he told “If u hadn’t come now, I would hav gone”

I jus thought, even after I came he is jus goin.. ennamo solran, cant get the point.. 😛