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I got this dream, am not able to walk all of a sudden, I was not hurt and felt like my legs are paralysed. I jus woke up and was terribly upset. Jus chked the meaning of dreams.



  • Is associated with support and movement. Joy and happiness.,but an injured leg denotes unprofitable occupations.
  • If you can’t use your legs, it portends poverty.


Dono… 😦 Should wait and see


59th Republic Day

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Today we celebrate the 59th Republic Day of our great nation 🙂

badge_logoWish everyone out there a Happy Republic Day 😀

Chk the official Indian website for the podcast/info abt the function..

I just chked the history of the Indian Republic here 

For ppl thinking wat republic means… can jus read stuff here

Was jus thinking.. Its more than 20 odd years I see this celebration.. Some great things have happened and many worse stuff too goin around the country 😦 Hope there is some change in the attitude of people out here, and tere is no natural/communal/rational disasters this time.. like the one happened (earth quake !)..

Let God be with us 🙂

Sharapova Wins ..!

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Before the news.. few info abt Maria and Ana will be gud to read.. both aged 20.. While Maria s a Russian in USA and Ana is a Serbian in Swiss., Before the match Maria was looking for a comeback to her best/better form, While Ana was trying for her first grandslam title..

b_shara_ivana_0125   I don follow tennis much, but always think it as a better game than cricket since it involves gud exhibition wen it comes to the individual talent. Mental toughness and physical fitness plays the most in most of the games and tennis requires most of it.

Info abt these 2 gals.. from the Autralian Open site

– Saturday’s final marks the fifth clash between Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova, but is their first meeting in a final.

– Amazingly, all four matches between the two to date have finished in two sets

– Head-to-head: Ivanovic 2 – 2 Sharapova

– Their only previous meeting in a Grand Slam was at last year’s French Open semifinal, where Ivanovic prevailed in straight sets

– Ivanovic is aiming for her first Grand Slam title; Sharapova is chasing her third

– Ivanovic will edge ahead of Svetlana Kuznetsova in the world rankings regardless of Saturday’s result and will become the world No.2 when she leaves Melbourne Park

– Sharapova will remain world No.5

– En route to the final Ivanovic has lost only one set, while Sharapova is yet to have lost one.

Asteroid 2007 TU24

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Its interesting that I thought of reading a science daily today jus to find the news abt this asteriod striking close to earth.. close in the sense few hundred thousand KMs..Check out this is the news frm the same..


Scientists are monitoring the orbit of asteroid 2007 TU24. The asteroid, believed to be between 150 meters (500 feet) and 610 meters (2,000 feet) in size, is expected to fly past Earth on Jan. 29, with its closest distance being about 537,500 kilometers (334,000 miles) at 12:33 a.m. Pacific time (3:33 a.m. Eastern time). It should be observable that night by amateur astronomers with modest-sized telescopes.

Asteroid 2007 TU24 was discovered by the NASA-sponsored Catalina Sky Survey on Oct. 11, 2007. Scientists at NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., have determined that there is no possibility of an impact with Earth in the foreseeable future.

“This will be the closest approach by a known asteroid of this size or larger until 2027,” said Don Yeomans, manager of the Near Earth Object Program Office at JPL. “As its closest approach is about one-and-a-half times the distance of Earth to the moon, there is no reason for concern. On the contrary, Mother Nature is providing us an excellent opportunity to perform scientific observations.”

This site gives more info http://www.tu24.org/

Interesting fact is WD5 another asteriod coming close to Mars.. this is getting interesting.. 😉

Best thing abt human life?


Wats it? power, monei, love?…?? not so complicated.. but the abiliti ti imagine..

happy-faceI was jus thinking how nice it would be to have a pizza now, hot creami, with a great tomato sauce.. I can’t hav it at this time 12 in the nite, which would look odd.. though i don care.. but i can imagine miself havin it.. which is obviousli the better thing that we can do.. without troubling anione.. Mind makes everithing.. frames everithing.. though i eat.. its mi brain tat sends signals and tells me its tasti.. so i can jus think am eating some stuff veri tasti.. and it helps to overcome the desire bi partialli achieving it 🙂 sounds creepi and funni.. but I do this most often. Not alwas thinking abt pizzas.. 😛

I think the same when mi inabiliti comes in the first place, like when manager trashes  for petti reason showing his poor attitude, or when call center guy frm a bank doesnt  respond properli or even when u order something and it doesnt come.. in the first place if the stuff is badly crafted and buggin me, I tend to forget else will try to imagine somethign gud happened or the person who did this very gooooood 😀 this kind of reduces the temper and makes me get along with craps atleast for wat we call the society..

Note: Most of the places where “y” s tere is replaced with “i” since  y s not working in mi keiboard..

Won it finally.. Though can’t rest :)


 84975 85310 85321 

He will be happi for his 600… but more happi for this 79 run victori 🙂

Paid Channels.. Got em :)


Today got the set-top box setup.. 🙂

I can watch all* those paid channels.. Well I don watch all those zee/star crap.. IMP channels are… 😀

  • Cartoon N/w
  • HBO
  • Discovery
  • NBC
  • Ten Sports
  • Start Sports
  • Star cricket
  • ESPN
  • History
  • Animal Planet
  • Sony

In the above 6 are free for 6 months.. rest other channels rs 6 per channel/month

it amounts to some 120+/- (100 is for basic cable channels)

Settop – 1.5k to own it.

So whose stoppin.. I wil hav fun.. jus missed to include AXN 😦 n which my fav CSI is telecasted.

Anyway no time for these channels.. 😦

But even the basic DD channels look awsome in my TV 😀

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