We get a default tool with vista but, irony is that its not user friendly as many MS pdts claim themselves.. ok lets chk whether it works..

I have one primary and one more logical drive. I am able to shrink only the logical, while am not able to do any nonsense with the primary even though i hav loads of GBs left. 😦

This pushed me to chk for the diskpart tool which told me the same thing in the command line.. nothing works .. Kind of bugd now.  Thought abt formatting and re-installing the xp prof and get a linux distro goin, but tat too is not possible since I have organised my data perfectly here so re-organising them is simply a pain in … :-X

Already I disable all those flashy stuff so tat i can save some memory, other than tweaking registry which am very weak since it gives some junk results most of the time i tried.

Refrained from formatting, since After getting this laptop, jus was thinking let me see how long am able to run along with vista home basic edition.

I don like this, except for the ease of operation and I can easily tell my parents something, instead of showing them a xfce stuff. No intention to play with partitions since I have really gud data oraganised properly (atleast to me) .. 😦