First step is to collect the complete archive from the yahoo group…

Mail man supports mbox format for importing archives. So we got to get the yahoo msgs into a single .mbox file. Which can be done using the simple perl utility yahoo2mbox 

To hav this working, we need to have perl installed if u are using windows or mac variants.. as I do .. So I installed Active perl and chked by executing perl in command line.. 🙂 happy things are goin on well till now


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

print “Arch chking perl”
Arch chking perl

Kool.. Next step is to jus trigger this after downloading yahoo2mbox 

Jus give this and wait..

C:\Users\archu\Desktop\yahoo2mbox-0.23>perl Indianlc

Keep waiting waiting.. 😦

Finally we get something like this after 15-20 mins

C:\Users\archu\Desktop\yahoo2mbox-0.23>perl Indianlc
Logging in anonymously… ok.
Redirected from to
Getting number of messages in group Indianlc…
Retrieving messages 1..525: ………………Start of message text not found: either <pre> nor <tt> tag found.


…… done!
Saved 520 message(s) in Indianlc.


Except for the time it takes, this stuff does a pretty decent job..  Job done..

Now the admin whos having access to the local mailman installation should do the this..