Resembles Dhanush’s earlier movies, Sullan, Thiruda Thirudi.. where a carefree youngster from a middle/lower middle class.. having hitches with dad daily.. come up in his life.. same stuff.. different songs.. different movie name and different herione..

But the climax is kind of same too.. One thing I noticed which differs from others pre’s is here hero doesnt go and fight unnecessarily to prove the point that he is the hero… He tries to solve the issue..

So the storyline is something like.. reckless youth whos n love with local girl for years.. tries to own a bike.. and then finally trying to prove he is worth somethign to his mom and dad.. ends up with a petty fight with local ganster’s kin.. Story moves on how the hero kills the gangster and saves his family and get back to normal life..

Songs : Engeyum Eppodhum and Minnalgal Koothadum Mazhaikaalam are notable numbers.. while other songs seem to be added as commercial elements for the movie..

+++ n the movie:

  • Strong screenplay
  • Dhanush matured acting.. (but he is used to this.. past 2,3 movies same stuff..)
  • 2 songs..

— n the movie:

  • Heroine Divya and the complete love track.. feel its kind of wasted..
  • Dull background..
  • Story not ended properly.. we don know wat happened to the love track its ended abruptly

Rating ==> Watch once [2.5/5  ]