Successfully started off the wiki and mail lists.. all credits goes to the fellow mates there Vid and Runa for taking most of the important steps reg the same..

To ppl who are jus thinking wats Linux or wat Linux chix means? Please chk out this links.. Its a group of a software activists helping in propagating a better side of the software, to be specific 🙂

I was quiet – very passive in mail lists.. since I felt some day an year back that I need to know more and was figuring out I was wasting a lot of time jus chking and answering mails from All-Indian lugs, at the end of 2-3 years I found myself no-where jus a mailer for ppl who were lazy to google .. So thought there are others who wil help newbies and  jus felt interested ppl will always learn watever the initial hickups were ..

So linux enthusiasts please join hands with all gals out there.. who love to explore more than the specified boundaries..