Early Morning at about 10:30 Am, got a phone call.. was pissed off like how tom feels when hit with hammer by jerry..

k.. coming to the point… jus thought some airtel/vodafone junk call.. didnt attend it. after few secs again call frm the same number.. now i opened my eye to see that it was a landline number.. ok let me attend..

Me: hello..

Other End: Hello Madam can I talk to Archana Madam..???!!

Me: yes madam.. (remember am stil sleeping .. bzzzz!)

Other End: We have an excellent job opportunity from one of the top MNC in India. Its a CMM level-5 company madam, which requires the following skill set.. Are u gud at shell scripting and perl madam

Me: yes… (bzzzz!)

Other End: U are comfortable in working with unix background, and also solaris..

Me: yes (bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!)

Other End: Madam shall i send ur resume to one of our client

Me: yes.. u can….. (yawning…………..!)

Other End: Helo Madam.. u tere..

Me: ya tel me.. there was some disturbance in the line.. ( hehehe)

Other End: ok maam, am sending ur profile to the client. job location is at Jaipur..

Me: Shook up . woke up.. wat… huh… :O

It was my dream I din wake up still.. and phone was stil ringing with some mobile number.. ok let me chk whether my dream s some deja vu stuff.. attended the call with utmost interest..

Me: woke up completely.. with utmost perfection in voice .. here goes c’mon.. hello..

Other End: Some music.. then “Airtel offers u unlimited talktime with blah blah blah…” oh.. again a bad day with airtel ad call 😦

Watever.. why did jaipur come into picture… huh got it.. was looking at our family trip to jaipur snaps the previous nite before sleep.. too much.. 😀

Finally concluded.. its a remix of dejavu and real flash back.. hehehe 😀