I usually sleep late.. or can phrase is as early morning.. πŸ™‚
which may sound bizzaire for proper humans.. never mind.. I jus feel comfortable doin tat.. and often bunked office stating the same reason (not well πŸ˜€ .. !) would wake up by 11 and jus think for ten mins in bed the pros and cons of goin to office.. finally will end up taking leave…

yesterday for the purpose of research (no better reason i got) slept bit early.. meaning 8PM.. Din think of sleeping at that time actually but fell asleep.. Jus woke up and checked the time it was 4Am n the morning.. Dono wat to do.. not feeling sleepy.. so jus started playing my favourite game

Jus heard dad talking to granny.. so thought would jus peep in with a very high expectation that I might be offered a coffe or horlics.. πŸ˜€ but appa advised me to get back to sleep.. 😦
Came back to my room.. played solitaire 3 more games.. with success % stil under 20 (felt ok since i din loose all the games)

Amma woke up again.. jus went and told hi.. she jus looked and asked.. “Archu, planning to sleep now only..?” I was surprised tat no one n home noticed I slept early .. :-S I replied.. ” Illa ma.. jus woke up..” thinking she wil be offering coffe or tea or atleast water.. she then went to sleep… no reaction..
Felt bad.. wats this.. no respect (this can be compromised) but no cofe, no tea, no horlics.. πŸ˜₯
Now its 5:41Am, till now no signs of mom or dad being happy with their kid waking up early different frm the previous days.. Should check and wait till 6.. No cofe offered then will jus get back to sleep πŸ˜€ or watch chutti tv