I rarely get this thing to do.. and I really love it..
I love to sleep facing the sky .. but the only issue is it should be within  a glass closed terrace.. with no  mosquitos and  insects.. I love to watch the sky. Now and then I look up seeing some stupid figures.. for ppl who tel that they are idle can start doin this activity 🙂

Stars start to blink and I jus forget the time/space theory and its jus gud ..

Was goin to canteen and myself and my team mate saw few stars.. with colors.. then i thought it might be airplanes.. not sure though, it was n the same place.. din notice it when I was returning back to ODC..

When I was waiting outside the office for cab.. everyone had something to talk/laugh or jus switch on their mp3 players and hear songs.. but I was happy with this instinct activity.. and few ppl thought I was kind of tired and bugged after a days work.. but I din hav time.. rather don want to waste my time in explaining how awsome it is to look at the stars.. I jus feel peaceful when I do tat…