Star Gazing..!


I rarely get this thing to do.. and I really love it..
I love to sleep facing the sky .. but the only issue is it should be within  a glass closed terrace.. with no  mosquitos and  insects.. I love to watch the sky. Now and then I look up seeing some stupid figures.. for ppl who tel that they are idle can start doin this activity 🙂

Stars start to blink and I jus forget the time/space theory and its jus gud ..

Was goin to canteen and myself and my team mate saw few stars.. with colors.. then i thought it might be airplanes.. not sure though, it was n the same place.. din notice it when I was returning back to ODC..

When I was waiting outside the office for cab.. everyone had something to talk/laugh or jus switch on their mp3 players and hear songs.. but I was happy with this instinct activity.. and few ppl thought I was kind of tired and bugged after a days work.. but I din hav time.. rather don want to waste my time in explaining how awsome it is to look at the stars.. I jus feel peaceful when I do tat… 


I got a CV without C/R factor

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I am not looking out for a new job..

anyway… was jus browsing through the options.. in a local newspaper.. I love reading classified column for selling old used products.. same way interest sprung n the other direction.. k.. let me chk it.. Jus saw some jobs.. hmm goes on.. stop stop.. suddenly.. I see this..



Kind of interesting.. I can understand why Govt jobs are still messy!!!

yes.. CR – Caste/Religion factor! 😦

wats Kasparov doin?


I was a classic chess player.. hmm.. used to play only with mom and sis.. and the strategy is they should loose else should listen to me crying.. It was stupid and the thing s i used to cry when i sense am loosing..  kind of tis made me loose all my playing partners 😉

ok.. jus saw Kasparov tellin “I am threatened… worried abt my  life”…. and so on
So did a minor r & d (yup.. u r rite.. am stil minor so minor r & d)

R & D s stil n progress..
oh .. he becam a politician becas of IBM’s deep blue..  let me find more..

Content wil b updated..

wats faith?


kind of interesting to think such philosophical stuff..
hmm.. it happens are some kool defns..

=> Faith is wat mi frens had during programming labs to get thru..! am talkin n rite sense..! 😉
=> Faith is wat I had in mi frens when i ate lots and asked them to tel I fasted the whole day to someone..
=> Faith is wat PLs hav when assigning junk work
=> Faith is wat Engineers hav when thei fill their first appraisal
=> Faith is wat my parents had when they got a pc for me.. (did everythign except learning!) 😀

Jokes apart.. faith is wat i hav n my laptop..
hope it works for the money paid :P!!

Remixes — —

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For the past few days i hear nothing but remixes..

Here s wat I hear almost daily..