This is the first time am attending something frm IBM ppl of this kind..
Its a testing tech briefing.. they were talking all abt rational tools.. was jus looking around as I was vry new to testing tools.. most of them (total would have crossed 500 ppl) were PLs/PMs and few engineers like me.. kind of interesting.. few very old managers (top level guys?!) showed up,..

There were 2 speakers.. one gal frm US branch of IBM and one local hyd guy.. both were ok kind of speakers.. as I was not aware of the technical intricacies of the tools I was jus watching and it was kind of interesting as I have never seen any testing tool except for junit which I used n my college.. I projected myself as a novice.. ppl there looked at me and one lady asked me few interesting questions, snippets of the conversation:

“You don’t work on windows?”
“How it is possible to run an automation suite without any tool like rational xxxx”
“Do you work n a project or product?”
“I know more than the trainer”
“Don’t worry you can find some inter-platform tools , IBM supports unix also” 😉

And to add icing in the cake.. the trainer told..

“you guys can download the trial versions.. they come without any licence like opensource software..” :O

Watever the software is released the software wil hav some sort of licence.. and for a company like IBM giving out demo versions.. won’t it have any licence? I think they are talking about licence fee and not the licence itself.. 😉

Trainer told few other interesting jokes which I am not disclosing to have the happiness within myself.. 😀

Finally they asked for the feedback… I rated them “Fair” and they gave me the cd for most of the rational tool demo videos..

End of story.. 🙂