This is a sprained ligament..!

A sprain is an injury that damages a ligament. A ligament is a firm, fibrous band of tissue that connects two bones across a joint. There are ligaments crossing all of the joints in the body. Grade 1 and 2 sprains damage only the internal structure of a ligament, but the ligament remains intact. Grade 3 sprains result in complete tears of
the involved ligament. Grade 3 sprains are sometimes called “torn” or “ruptured” ligaments.

There are three levels of ligament sprain:

First level

  • Some stretching or perhaps tearing
    of the ligament.
  • Little or no joint instability.
  • Mild pain
  • Little swelling
  • Some joint stiffness.

Second level:

  • Some tearing of the ligament fibres
  • Moderate instability of the joint
  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Swelling and stiffness

Third level:

  • Total rupture of a ligament
  • Gross instability of the joint
  • Severe pain initially followed by no pain
  • Severe swelling

The one I got is  2nd grade….

Treatment is so painful.. molten wax and exercises.. 😦

Hope its recovered asap!