Its kind of wierd..

when jerks travel the place becomes messy, they try to show off.. and result is some silence loving ppl like me get offended..

Here is the guy ACD (Americanised confused desi ) who sits after one seat frm mine.. jus asking me to shift seats jus becas he cant sit with strangers in a long travel.. that sounded kind of highly offending..

This is wat he said ” Huh, how can I sit here with ppl I dono, my friends are out there, and would be very helpful if you change seats!” huh poor guy dono how to behave.. ok,.. i was jus trying to look into the place he showed me to change.. interesting.. 2 fat guys sitting in either side and he wants me to sit in the middle with a bandage wrapped toe of mine.. he doesnt bother abt anything..

Junk he is, I just told “It will be better if you go back to your friends and I will stay right here ..!” and thank god he left..

Jerks doesnt come single they come in pairs.. other one I met n mumbai.. was jus kind of interviewing me.. and literally boasting abt his job and stuff.. after hearing my single word response, he asked one right question “Why are u so angry? ” I got it, its my chance.. “I am not well, very tired..” after a few mins, jus took my bags and went to some place where I needn’t see or talk to him.., praying he shouldn be my co-passenger n the next flight.. God is great I was helped once again…

Thank you  jerks for making my travel so un-pleasant!!!!!!!