BDAY post..


Ya I totally forgot..

BDAY was over 2 days back.. kind of interesting how many calls/msgs/scraps i get, i note it each yr and its kind of interesting..

phone calls – 5 or 6
msgs – 2
Scraps -20+
mails – 3

Kool.. happy tat only few of those who wished me knew how old I am.. 😉 hehehhe

I din do anythign gud as ppl usually do tat day.. I jus tried not to b angry and eat less and sleep off early.. thought no one would possibly call.. but 😮 got a call by 1 am.. should b an “ultimate moron”


Run-away frm office..!

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Its really borin.. the new work place is wat am talking abt..
I always like a secluded corner cubicle.. which i would hav got for sure if am here when the seat allocation was done.. even otherwise.. I don like the new building..

But its n a way gud..:-)

I jus stick to times and jus come home .. b4 7 these days.. and I like this..

Funny thing is when we asked why restrooms are having many doors and its only few per floor.. answer was “Space optimization” kind of interesting.. thank God am not a constructor.. I wil optimise further.. 😉

IBM tech briefing..


This is the first time am attending something frm IBM ppl of this kind..
Its a testing tech briefing.. they were talking all abt rational tools.. was jus looking around as I was vry new to testing tools.. most of them (total would have crossed 500 ppl) were PLs/PMs and few engineers like me.. kind of interesting.. few very old managers (top level guys?!) showed up,..

There were 2 speakers.. one gal frm US branch of IBM and one local hyd guy.. both were ok kind of speakers.. as I was not aware of the technical intricacies of the tools I was jus watching and it was kind of interesting as I have never seen any testing tool except for junit which I used n my college.. I projected myself as a novice.. ppl there looked at me and one lady asked me few interesting questions, snippets of the conversation:

“You don’t work on windows?”
“How it is possible to run an automation suite without any tool like rational xxxx”
“Do you work n a project or product?”
“I know more than the trainer”
“Don’t worry you can find some inter-platform tools , IBM supports unix also” 😉

And to add icing in the cake.. the trainer told..

“you guys can download the trial versions.. they come without any licence like opensource software..” :O

Watever the software is released the software wil hav some sort of licence.. and for a company like IBM giving out demo versions.. won’t it have any licence? I think they are talking about licence fee and not the licence itself.. 😉

Trainer told few other interesting jokes which I am not disclosing to have the happiness within myself.. 😀

Finally they asked for the feedback… I rated them “Fair” and they gave me the cd for most of the rational tool demo videos..

End of story.. 🙂

2 yrs over?!!! time flies..


Same day 2 yrs back I joined this job.. while I still remember that day, when I was new to this city, new ppl.. no gal with same thoughts (stil din find anyone who thinks in same lines as me, I mean gals!).. was jus thinking wat I will be doing after few months.. no idea how yrs passed by.. 🙂

2 yrs over in a job, without attending a single interview.. kind of wierd.. Was bold enough to turn down all offers till now, no idea why.. and had an heartbreaking hike (its in the negative side!) .. This job din teach me anything great in technical arena.. but I learnt how people are, how they project themselves in this world.. and how bad they can be..

Got some real true people who helped me and guided me when I was off the track.. Its time to thank those ppl.. Will always wish that they succeed in their life.. and for those who helped me to learn my lessons .. ya everyone gets their turn.. I don have to work hard to bring the turn table.. ! 😉

Will tell this to ppl in home by night.. no idea they will be surprised..! 😀

To everyone out there, thinking about quitting for a hike.. there is always something to learn here.. especially most of the people are the subjects..! takes time for a person like me to read them..!

To ppl who quit for their stupid managers.. ya most of them are the same kind.. jus try switching to a diff mgr.. may be life becomes ok…! 😉

And for ppl who switch becas they don like the job they are doing and work!=fun.. then think thrice and make a move..!

I do the same.. when I ask the second time I get the reverse response and prefer to stay back. Lets see! 🙂

Access?? :-(


The Register is reporting on developments in a California court case pitting
blind users against the retailer Target over the lack of accessibility of The end result
could be mandated accessibility for for all Web sites reachable by visually
impaired users in California.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Not even roads and buses are accessible to visually challenged ppl here.. leave alone the access of technology, a PC and internet and then online shopping.. 😦

Free AJAX training

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Its an 18-week course.. sounds good to start with…
anyway am not into AJAX.. 😉

Away from FSF/OSS ??


Hmm kind of..

Only reason is the lame reason of not finding time to even eat and sleep… now that I have some time.. trying to revive watever I was learning few months back..

Jus went thru the LFY pages.. ODF frm MS is not approved.. got to read more of it as I was not aware of wat was goin even in the next desk of mine in office.. 😉

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