Download youtube videos without s/w


We usually need FLV players to play the downloaded youtube videos.. but this site is kool.. you can convert the video and download and enjoy…

I am currently doing it for my fav devotional song

I love this song.. and wanted to have it my desktop, so I can hear it even if I don hav an internet enabled.. 😉


lost track

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Its been a month since I blogged my last post.. funny thing is I never remembered tat I had a blog.. 😉
does it mean tat I am not gud at blogging or wordpress doesnt remind me tat I have a blog..?

Too bad to blame wordpress.. wat can these guys do.. created a place for ppl like me to post and crap abt nonsense theories (eg: please refer previous post)

hope not to stop the non-stop nonsense… ! 😀

Interstingly complicated..


Simply interesting to see how things get complicated.. no am not talking abt the ppl or money ..
its abt rubber band..

sounds wierd? anyway tats wat am talkin abt..

There was one rubber band n my bag.. jus took it out and saw that it was red color and pretty much poor quality. So I tried testing its quality after sometime I analysed that… no the quality is not poor, i forgot to switch off the stove.. and the test prooved one important data.. tat am bit irresponsible.. but since its not reproducible.. this is rejected by brain and proceeded with my normal rubber band analysis theory.. who knows I can become a rubber band factory owner which manufactures, rubber bands tat pull trucks 😉