I wasn’t much impressed about this movie.. but I started watching, jus to have a look about the city where I was born, lived.. and still like to live,,… It showed most of the places n madurai.. which made me feel, as if am in madurai… meenakshi amman temple could be still covered.. 🙂

Coming back to the movie.. sandhya acted really gud and character really fitted her.. especially the climax was very much impressive.. thanks to balaji sakthivel.. think he is the story writer too.. based on real life story..

I wanted to post the climax snap.. or something that covers the last 5 mins of the movie.. din find anythign of tat sort.. got to get something of that sort..


Ha Ha Ha :-)


can we call it this way?
spending 500-1000 for dried bun, filled with uncooked vegetables and vineegar.. 😛

or spending 800 for watching the traditional texas bull stuff.. 😀

sounds funny when i had masal dosai for 350.. which din hav proper thengai chutni or sambar.. only red chutni was gud..
ennatha solrathu.. orey comedy happening here.. 😛

Mesquite Rodeo

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yesterday v went to Rodeo..
it was gud…

a snap of it here…!