I was jus reading thru the SCM methodologies, IBM redbook, jus out of sheer curisity, how these stuff would have existed in the real world of software life cycle management/asset management.. wait a sec, wats the diff between SLM and SAM.. well, for now it can be taken into direct literal meaning.. asset includes all s/w and h/w assets.. huh, dont i look like some crappy college text book author.. no, atleast to me, since i really like reading this book.

I got another point to think over, they are talking about change management and version controlling, whats the diff between 2? can change management exist without versioning the code? not sure.. but there ought to be some diff, which am not able to figure out, since these days both those terms go hand n hand..

And whos tat Tom Milligan???

I found few of his quotes there, hmm he is a technical SCM Marketing engineer for IBM!

jokes apart.. wats teh book got to say matters, hope to read it n a weeks time atleast, though my interest may fade of reading software theory stories .. but the config management stuff is a fascination to me like a aeroplane to a kid.. ( am still fascinated by jet fighters !! )