jus cpp

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since am free these days (jus not learning enough) .. jus thought i can read cpp for a change..
trying out my hands with dev c++ ide and some code frm cplusplus.com


Motorola to trim 4,000 more jobs as it cuts costs !

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Motorola to trim 4,000 more jobs as it cuts costs

So tats wat product based companies are doing? they need better new pdts.. not the weak and fragile mobiles!! this wont be working out in long run!

Greedy Torrent

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After using torrents for these many days.. got this only last week..
GT I call it.. 🙂

Made it work fine, after jus enabling azureus settings for it.. and yes its really working..
and my ratios are really improving.. 😛

yes its not a gud for the torrent world.. but for ppl with low bandwidth to benefit frm torrents there is no other way!! I seed till my hdd space doesnt shrink, but its very difficult .. really it is 😦