Chennai 600028


I love this movie 🙂 no idea how others feel.. but its a nice movie of all that I watched recently..

Premji, was the ultimate jester in the movie.. whenever he comes in the screen for a catch or jus to tell “Enna Koduma Saravanan ithu!!!!!!!!!” ( well the link is another comedy! :D)
and his name as seenu jus matched his character.

And when Shiva the so called captain of the vetti cric team is dreaming old duet with his gal fren is another complete comedy. The other one which i liked is when he was trying to pen some poem

Other guys were kool.. the songs and background score jus fit into the
movie.. and SPB giving intro to a youth gang is pretty interesting..

Chk out the movie home page 🙂


Smoker’s lounge………


Is working place a  smoker’s lounge?
I dono really should ask ppl who move around in the place.. jus after taking their dose of cancer candy…!
They want to make the place a ditch…… I hate smokers..
I stopped reacting, since I got to put up with such insane guys..! :-S

Such banners, if kept would rather increase the attrition.. 😦

Failed Solaris 10 installation


I tried my hands on solaris 10 installation.. after DP encouraged to chk it out, i thought since i needed only c++ to work, it wont be a big issue.. but the problem is its min ram requirement is 700+ mb .. i din get any option to choose the minimal installation too..


it failed..

so i started installing knoppis 5.1 .. no idea why it damaged my mbr..

with that “99” messages..


it failed…

finally ended up installing vector linux.. :-S

din boot it into it even once.. ! I wanted to work on solaris anyways..!

wats so happenning about cannes?

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The only thing i love is its in France.. 🙂

PPl might post abt movies and stars.. when it comes to film festival.. but france is the place tat i like to visit anytime if i get some money..! tats the only thing tat attracts me..