I am reconsidering, really.. is being a veggie a real setback.. huh.. its pretty irritating when ppl treat veggies as kids.. 😦

Well no one treated me tat way.. but its quite odd.. like having a chicken soup in a Brahmin’s house (is it odd by any means??!!!) am clueless.. this food barrier is bit intolerable lot of times… since I don hav much of veggie ppl around me..

That too in a place like Farm House in ECR

We were 6 .. and I was the only one veggie there.. it was crappy to eat cabbage alone… anyways there was not much of competition.. but it was interesting to note the menu.. tiger prawns, kabul chicken, were the starters frm the other side.. no choice to me.. same old veggie roll.. which was below the standards.. nothing can be done since it was not sponsored by me .. hehehe πŸ˜€

Then rotti.. and 2 sidedishes.. of which i don remember the name.. some paneer.. something.. jus had them.. and finally the bill came around 2k i guess.. interesting fact s tat tiger prawn was .8k.. I din think of anything else.. if that prawn is alive.. will it be selling itself for the same amount.. pretty wierd thoughts.. i should stop thinking.. well u neednt think to be a software eng.. πŸ™‚