Solaris or Linux?


I was trying to think the pros and cons of both these kids of big daddy *nix .. I came across one stuff that made me think solaris is better.. support.. support frm a better branded company “Sun”. After working for about 1.5 yrs with solaris.. nix daemon in my mind was back frm zombie!

Till Solaris became open solaris, I was bit apprehensive about it, now the doors are really open 🙂

Green talks lot about the transition that is happening (or expected to happen? ) from linux to solaris..

I don’t agree with green in all his views though.. but his points are really looking similar to the stuff I read long back by some *nix basher.. but this is business world anyways.. Green talks about enterprise and stuff.. no idea abt it since am still now clear about the role of OSS in Enterprise , though I read almost 2 or 3 success stories in each issue of LFY..

This question caught my attention, but I din understand wat Green was trying to convey.. :-S

IC: From a business standpoint, what are the advantages in upgrading from Linux to Solaris?

GREEN: Three advantages come to mind: development time, cost, and reliability. Plus, Solaris brings these advantages without forcing enterprises to sacrifice one for the other. With Solaris, companies can start small with limited complexity, which helps them bring technologies to market quickly. These initial steps can be performed on low-cost hardware — which companies can upgrade over time. And, all of this can be achieved using the same application code base without hidden costs.


Started off with PERL too


Its my long-term wish (goal?) to read about perl.. I love that lang watever.. and python too.. but don get much of my time to get my hands dirty.. since this ccna is taking all my top time slots. But from today I made it a point to read atleast some stuff in anyone of them before I leave from office..

In office they are planning for some dinner, Am not that much into it… anyway can’t bunk it. FORMALITY and being SOCIAL matters.. even though am not :-/