Was bit late while leaving home today..

Discussing seriously with my friend n phone abt her onsite trips and how to push things in rite way.. after everything, finally reached the bus stop… saw the bus approaching.. went running to catch it and finally boarded the same..!


got a window seat also.. after one stop.. thanks to one paati who got down.. jollya i was travelling.. meanwhile got a ticket also..

kept it somewhere inside my lunch bag.. it was already torn before it reached my hand..! din mind wat was it.. din think abt its importance..

My stop came..! got down.. there came the masters of chennai MTCs..:) ticket checking.. i got down.. 2 ppl sorrunded and asked for my ticket.. i came to reality. i DIN HAV MY TICKET!!!!!!!!!! :-s

searching here and there.. they thought i din get ticket.. got the note to give fine.. all people commenting behind.. horrible.. 😥

Finally to my gud luck..! God’s grace.. somewhere inside my lunch bag i found that torn paper.. huh.. relieved.. they released me as if i was a culprit!!

Reached home.. and told everyone..

Moral learnt: Keep the bus ticket in a proper place till you reach the destination!! (does this sentence have someother meaning? .. hmm..)