Was thinking wat this twitter is about, after reading a post from toufeeq 

Jus registered there.. need to explore more.. asked few of my friends to join there.. need to see how things work..

Got really more work to do in office.. jus installed my workspace manager i can hide my cisco practice sessions from the citrix session workspace. Wanted to complete atleast few basic stuff there, but got to start with the testcase identification phase, so lil bugged.. afternoon as usual was feeling sleepy, no mood to work, and my testcase wasn’t even working properly.. :-S jus got a mail that it might be a bug.. got to chk it once more tomoro and raise it.

Life as a tester.. made me think of only bugs.. ( last yr same time.. i was thinking how to solve bugs..!) think this is more responsible job.. but my respect for developer is still ten fold..

Saw some gud post in j.ram’s blog.. sounds ok for me, since he was writing about hifi phiolosophy, quality, s/w .. which is too far frm my life style. left a comment.. no idea when he wil chk.

Got LFY today, jus gave a glance.. nice to see knoppix 5.1.1 bundled with it.. people without DVD drive please purchase one.. atleast to try this one..!