What I learnt (rather revised today!) is about STP and RSTP..

STP is Spanning Tree Protocol.. which is used to reduce looping within the network. RSTP is an advanced version kind ..

The basic difference between the 2 is that, RSTP as the name suggests wil be reducing the convergence time which is min 50 sec n STP. But here it can be less than even 2 seconds.. interesting.. jus enabling the portfast feature in the edge links and changing the listening state to discarding state is the mail source of this time reduction.. and also introducing the backup ports and alternate ports form a major turn around in RSTP, whereas STP uses only forwarding and blocking ports..

Concepts regarding election, root bridge sounds pretty interesting, since never imagined such a society where the looser backs the winner.. may b a ideal society..?!!

Lot of commands are there to configure the same, which I need to chk it out once before I take up the exam!