After getting more acquainted with the bit-torrent these days.. πŸ˜€ am pretty happy to check out the latest animated series.. which include Flushed Away and Happy Feet

Din get much time to convert the bin files to chk out happy feet.. but rather got some time to watch flushed away.. the theme was bit funny to me a mouse as a pet in a rich bunglow in londown gets flushed into a toilet and goes to the underground and finds interesting other mice there.. pretty kool and trailor too impressed me to a greater extent.. but not the movie.. I really hated the tadpoles that come here and there often and finally a bigger frog (yuck!!!)

Roddy was kool and the voice of Hugh Jackman was really fitting it.. talking about Rita.. its a brave mouse.. πŸ™‚ powered by Kate

I don think it will be a good entertainer even to kids.. :-S

Thank GOD that they din think about flushing cockroaches/houseflies..! hell the imagination moves on and on……………….!