BlueJ— The END??

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No idea watsoever..

BlueJ is being sued by M$ using their buzzwords patents..!

ok.. for people who dono much about BlueJ.. here is something..

BlueJ is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching. The BlueJ environment was developed as part of a university research project about teaching object-orientation to beginners.

The system is being developed and maintained by a joint research group at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, and the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. The project is supported by Sun Microsystems.

Sounds great.. but chk this out for wat M$ plans for the same..

M$ introduces a feature called Object Bench in the Visual studio express.. way back in 2005.. jus chk out this article where Michael does a walkthrough of bluej and object bench.. awasome in the sense that both are one and the same..!

Jus a screen shot…

Visual studio..!


Rest is untold for those who watched Pirates of silicon valley 🙂

And its not the end of the story..

The M$patent against BlueJ is simply interesting, if you are BlueJ user.. (though am not.. i tried to chk it out so that i can get a glimpse of wats goin on..!)

Sounds really foxy..!

Mic further says..“the actual implementors had taken BlueJ as a design template”

sounds quiet un-ethical..! well who cares.. its finally business that matters and the fittest survives !


Big Brother Fame.. :-]


Sounds really interesting to see how a TV show would make to headlines..

wasn’t really sure wat this show is about.. never read thru the news papers too..
was jus curious now since the MONEY that shilpa would earn when she was was jus lil huge to get unnoticed for people like me..

So jus chked it out ,… and sounds pretty interesting..

shilpa got the following..

  • A Hollywood film by Fox pictures.
  • A book deal, endorsements for clothes, cosmetics and jewellery.
  • A television documentary
  • Hosting a cricket reality show and an awards ceremony.
  • £100,000 for an exclusive interview to the tabloid Sun.

Quiet a turn-around for a background bollywood actress with no or very less movies in the hand..

xmen – The last stand..

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Watched this one last nite..
kool one..!
liked, almost admired all the mutants there.. even the villains..

Managers == Diplomacy??

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Well… Managers == diplomacy, that is rather true since am looking into it for quite some time ..

this is wat happened.. some task needed to be completed and there was a meeting.. as usual..! finally no one was ready to do things.. but now comes the manager with his own diplomatic plan to involve everyone.. calls people by their first name and make them feel embarassed before everyone and finally make eachone to agree to take up the task..!

phew..! I understand now why MBAs are paid far more than Engineers..!

BOSON Netsim

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Got to chk out the simulations for the CDP,RIP,IGRP,EIGRP before the end of the day since its where am lacking bit too much when it comes to answering the sims. I get confused seeing the little terminals. Be cool is wat I want to tell these days.. :-S

Need to check the tutorials before proceeding.. 🙂

Other plan is to read about the important questions before I face the exam..!

Flushed Away


After getting more acquainted with the bit-torrent these days.. 😀 am pretty happy to check out the latest animated series.. which include Flushed Away and Happy Feet

Din get much time to convert the bin files to chk out happy feet.. but rather got some time to watch flushed away.. the theme was bit funny to me a mouse as a pet in a rich bunglow in londown gets flushed into a toilet and goes to the underground and finds interesting other mice there.. pretty kool and trailor too impressed me to a greater extent.. but not the movie.. I really hated the tadpoles that come here and there often and finally a bigger frog (yuck!!!)

Roddy was kool and the voice of Hugh Jackman was really fitting it.. talking about Rita.. its a brave mouse.. 🙂 powered by Kate

I don think it will be a good entertainer even to kids.. :-S

Thank GOD that they din think about flushing cockroaches/houseflies..! hell the imagination moves on and on……………….!

Is Flock the rite tool?


Is flock the rite browswer to publish blogs..? well i dono.. jus giving it a try.. need to chk out its future in the sense…!