Check my wishlist, made on May 23 2004..

let me chkout how is the status of the same.. may be people who would like to gift me can try this out 😛

1==> CDMA mobile phone – got a nokia 3120 phone, probably i meant a mobilephone tat time..

2 ==> Unlimited broadband internet conection – still pending..

3==> DVD player – got 2 🙂

4==> Home Theater System – not lucky yet

5==> DVD RW for my system – got it months back..

6==> a personal TV – my pc serves the purpose, no i don hav a tv tuner card 🙂

7==> a digital stereo for playing my cds with all woofer settings – not yet

8==> a watch on the xtees website, it costs around 240 rs D – not yet

9==> a book shelf to have my books safely – hmm books inside one of my shelf, nto a bookshelf which i imagined really

10==> Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler cost around 130 rs – got it long back, din read it completly though

11==> A named T-Shirt – not yet

12==> a Fridge with tonnes of icecreames and cool drinks and cakes … – its only in dreams.. (my weight keeps ringing alarms..!)

13==> a Toyota Car D — this one is rather the costliest.. – hmm need to save more..

14==> a ftp server of my own, no hosting business and all – no idea, whether it wil stil be in my wish list.. no time for such lala stuff..

15==> A jean that would fit me , i dono whether this would happen even i have money ( iam that fat) – not yet, funny tat i stil don own a jean..

6==> A Scroll mouse from microsoft or logitech – got it, buts its a local brand.. works pretty wel for the past 2 yrs to say

17==> A machine that gives cutlet whenever i ask.. – need to invent i guess 😛

18==> Great posters all around my room.. D – hmm new home, no posters yet!

19==> a perfect camera with a fine ZooM ;) – got a sony one, spared some of my salary to get this, though many din like spending thousands for a cam

20==> dvds – got a whole collection..

Phew, ! there are few thigns left over, anyone can deliver those gifts and fullfill my wishes this christmas or new year whichever is optimal to u..!