It was nice to have sudha in office after a really looong time.. 🙂

Was feeling like a missed out pen cap, for the past 2 days, since the training, though was gud, it made me feel tat this not the area i should be working, I flunked those basics, never cared abt all those light, wavelength, velocity, etc.. jus did those for my exams and often managed to somehow get away with it, with some 2 digit numbers in the marksheet.

But when sudha was telling abt trying out a paper, I jus imagined wat I did when QPSK was asked as a question in Information coding techniques paper in my 4th sem (i guess!).. uh.. I hated tat book, hated tat maam, hated tat guy who invented that modulation, keying, coding.. my world was only software, making illegal ones work, legal ones drunk, and spoil my pc in one way or other.. I feel tat am not to the standard in which I need to be ..! anyway let me see, whether I can jus chk those things out and learn it.. am a poor learner..! evident frm the point tat am still learning for ccna.. learning is a never ending process, for me its a never, ever ending process…!

Its like an arranged marriage, I started liking this telecom stuff.. better I learn this mod things, before anyone rate me in a negative scale!