ccna for today


Planning to complete the protocols stuff tonight (2nd book) , and chk out the boson lab manual ( really a gud one) tomoro.. Din eat much since I was doing only eating and sleeping for the past 2 days..

Going for a walk, wil come back and kick start my plan.. 🙂


Modulation.. once hated..!

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It was nice to have sudha in office after a really looong time.. 🙂

Was feeling like a missed out pen cap, for the past 2 days, since the training, though was gud, it made me feel tat this not the area i should be working, I flunked those basics, never cared abt all those light, wavelength, velocity, etc.. jus did those for my exams and often managed to somehow get away with it, with some 2 digit numbers in the marksheet.

But when sudha was telling abt trying out a paper, I jus imagined wat I did when QPSK was asked as a question in Information coding techniques paper in my 4th sem (i guess!).. uh.. I hated tat book, hated tat maam, hated tat guy who invented that modulation, keying, coding.. my world was only software, making illegal ones work, legal ones drunk, and spoil my pc in one way or other.. I feel tat am not to the standard in which I need to be ..! anyway let me see, whether I can jus chk those things out and learn it.. am a poor learner..! evident frm the point tat am still learning for ccna.. learning is a never ending process, for me its a never, ever ending process…!

Its like an arranged marriage, I started liking this telecom stuff.. better I learn this mod things, before anyone rate me in a negative scale!

My old wish list..


Check my wishlist, made on May 23 2004..

let me chkout how is the status of the same.. may be people who would like to gift me can try this out 😛

1==> CDMA mobile phone – got a nokia 3120 phone, probably i meant a mobilephone tat time..

2 ==> Unlimited broadband internet conection – still pending..

3==> DVD player – got 2 🙂

4==> Home Theater System – not lucky yet

5==> DVD RW for my system – got it months back..

6==> a personal TV – my pc serves the purpose, no i don hav a tv tuner card 🙂

7==> a digital stereo for playing my cds with all woofer settings – not yet

8==> a watch on the xtees website, it costs around 240 rs D – not yet

9==> a book shelf to have my books safely – hmm books inside one of my shelf, nto a bookshelf which i imagined really

10==> Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler cost around 130 rs – got it long back, din read it completly though

11==> A named T-Shirt – not yet

12==> a Fridge with tonnes of icecreames and cool drinks and cakes … – its only in dreams.. (my weight keeps ringing alarms..!)

13==> a Toyota Car D — this one is rather the costliest.. – hmm need to save more..

14==> a ftp server of my own, no hosting business and all – no idea, whether it wil stil be in my wish list.. no time for such lala stuff..

15==> A jean that would fit me , i dono whether this would happen even i have money ( iam that fat) – not yet, funny tat i stil don own a jean..

6==> A Scroll mouse from microsoft or logitech – got it, buts its a local brand.. works pretty wel for the past 2 yrs to say

17==> A machine that gives cutlet whenever i ask.. – need to invent i guess 😛

18==> Great posters all around my room.. D – hmm new home, no posters yet!

19==> a perfect camera with a fine ZooM ;) – got a sony one, spared some of my salary to get this, though many din like spending thousands for a cam

20==> dvds – got a whole collection..

Phew, ! there are few thigns left over, anyone can deliver those gifts and fullfill my wishes this christmas or new year whichever is optimal to u..!

End of SADDAM !~!

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Though a known verdict, this guy was not able to tolerate and mentally prepare to accept the same..

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 Chk out for more info here

He asked for a bullet shot which was rejected and he wil be hanged within 30 days.. jus before US mid-term elections.. He deserves this, but the BIG Brother promo given by U$.. well I never liked..!

Novell and MS collaborate..!

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This guy Ronald W. Hovsepian President and Chief Executive Officer of Novell Inc announced this on Nov 2nd.. More on the same can be read here

This is wat Ron told .. “Let me begin by quickly outlining what we just announced. Microsoft and Novell, starting today, have agreed to build and market solutions so that Novell’s technology works on Microsoft and vice versa. Specifically, customers will now be able to run virtualized SUSE Linux Enterprise on Windows or Windows on SUSE Linux Enterprise. This landmark agreement also calls for both Microsoft and Novell to provide patent coverage to each others’ customers for our respective products. Why is that important? It’s important because you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about legal matters around which operating system to choose. You also shouldn’t have to worry about barriers such as intellectual property agreements, who owns which patent portfolio, and indemnification. None of those issues move your business forward. Now many of those barriers have been removed.”

Lets see how things move..!

Ccna for today


Subnetting is almost done, and its moving on pretty easy than what I thought before.. all becas of this great guy Wendell Odom….

He really made the chapters as easy as I expected.. more than wat I expected.. 🙂

Now I think why I wasted all my time in sybex and other books, which confused me a bit and made me apprehensive about appearing for the exam. This guy’s book, really boosting my confidence..

Tomoro plan to complete all the exercise questions in subnetting and chk out remaining 3 chapters in intro book.