I was thinking this way, and I stil hav some perspective about it.. let me keep it for later discussion.. Today we had a meeting about how to improve the testing and all those stuff we are doing in our job.

There was a question raised by  one guy, regarding the usage of opensource products for our official work in office, since then I was jus watching wats happening there and outside, since it was a pleasant day with some cool breeze around… finally came into my senses.

The answer was they are not RELIABLE, no one takes responsibility if something goes wrong with those tools. Hmm.. and we are told to use these tools and get the max frm them, and if something screws up, then..? so better think and use these stuffs wisely..

So wat can a lay man conclude from this, better not to use this, wat can a partially knowledged girl like me could do, try it out, and if it works ok, use it, else dump it, but don give the next try and waste time (this is wat i practically do when it comes to my job!)

Still, the industry, esp indian industries are thinking a LOT, really a LOT in using OSS..