Was not much comfortable with FR till yesterday, now am ok with it, jus went thru few links and a video tutorial of the same and chked how things work in the configuration stuff too… Though learned about FR long back in college days, was not sure how and where things are working with it, so it was a vague topic for me. Now am ok with the basics of frame relay and even the basic show/debug commands of the same.

These links are bit more helpful I guess..



Both are from cisco docs, but they are more elaborate..

Jus wanted to summarise wat i learnt reg FR

  • Its a packet switching N/w WAN protocol
  • Its based on STDM
  • X.25 is the first STDM protocol and FR was developed after it in 1984
  • It was standardised by 1990 when FR Consortium was formed, but it was not internationalised that time, later ANSI and ITU-T took it up and standardised it for international usage and privided specifications
  • DTE/DCE -> formed the major terminologies, where
    • DTE – Data Terminal Equipment – usually a router (L3)
    • DCE – Data Communication Equipment – usually a switch (L2)
  • AL – Access Line connects the DTE to DCE
  • TL – Trunk Line connects the DCE to other DCE
  • VC – Virtual circuit – end to end logical connections
    • SVC – Switched VC
    • PVC – Permanent VC
  • Encapsulation
    • CISCO specific
    • IETF specific
    • diff is pkt type is specified in cisco specific encapsulation
    • DLCI – Data Link Connection Identifier – 10 bits – 16 to 1007
    • CIR – Committed Information Rate

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  • encapsulation frame-relay
  • frame-relay interface-dlci (16-1007)
  • Show commands
    • show interface serial()
    • show frame-relay lmi
    • show frame-relay pvc
  • Debug Commands
    • debug frame-relay events
    • debug frame-relay packet
    • debug frame-relay lmi

Need to chk it out in the simulator.. think its moving on fine.

Next need to read abt IP addressing, routing ..