I dono when kubuntu got released..

But jus downloaded it yesterday since I found freespire too slow.. and i din like the way the gnome apps are rendered there, chked out other linux distros which wil be ok for me, kubuntu was ok, since I wanted KDE, seeing all the praise for ubuntu wanted to chk its latest release… so installed it today.. I was jus a 6 step install. And it completed in around 20 minutes. OK, now its time to chk out my necessities..

chked mp3.. as usual not working, jus changed the sources list, and and installed libxine-extracodecs and kool, amarok worked fine, playing mp3s..

kubuntu desktop

internet.. i hav a bsnl dataone and all the IP and stuff got automatically configured,.. now time to chk web browser.. still konqueror is not having the default gmail capabilities.. hmm so jus did a apt-get for firefox installation and things are fine.

Then chked out ipod mounting, amarok is not automounting.. but was able to open in file viewer… din chk whether the mp4 stuff plays..

adept was nice, to chk for updates in the GUI mode.. but am ok with apt-get in command line.. used to it.. 🙂

Thats it I chked till now, need to make win 32 codecs work and also dvd playback.. and also chk out other programming stuff and chk out jedit.. Had a nice time after a some days.. since i wasnt using linux for some time ..! Now configured even kmail, so wil be default OS atleast for me in my home… was bit surprised when my mom told she cant prepare documents here, I explained openoffice to her, she wasnt that much pleased.. anyway time will change the usability ..