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Completed the first 7 chapters in Intro cisco press book. Planning to complete the 8th one, configuring cisco switch now and sleep. Today’s further plans are, to complete the chapters 9 and 10, which forms the basis of LAN switching. Planning to take up the exam on dec 9th (sat) in Adyar NIIT. Lets see how things proceed. As of now, today I completed basic stuff about cisco IOS, yet to practice though in the simulator, which I planned later after completing the theory part.

Need to print the ICND book tomoro and plan that too, Nov 1st is jus 2 days away..


Industry is not against open source?


I was thinking this way, and I stil hav some perspective about it.. let me keep it for later discussion.. Today we had a meeting about how to improve the testing and all those stuff we are doing in our job.

There was a question raised by  one guy, regarding the usage of opensource products for our official work in office, since then I was jus watching wats happening there and outside, since it was a pleasant day with some cool breeze around… finally came into my senses.

The answer was they are not RELIABLE, no one takes responsibility if something goes wrong with those tools. Hmm.. and we are told to use these tools and get the max frm them, and if something screws up, then..? so better think and use these stuffs wisely..

So wat can a lay man conclude from this, better not to use this, wat can a partially knowledged girl like me could do, try it out, and if it works ok, use it, else dump it, but don give the next try and waste time (this is wat i practically do when it comes to my job!)

Still, the industry, esp indian industries are thinking a LOT, really a LOT in using OSS..

CCNA for today


Today Jus read all these things

  • IP-addressing
  • ARP, RARP, DNS, DHCP, BOOTP, ICMP, PING (i din know many of these things, other than expanding their acronyms..!)
  • Subnetting basics
  • WAN protocols (PPP, HDLC, Frame relay)

Plan for tonight

  • TCP/UDP basics
  • Advanced subnetting (complete problem coverage)
  • Chk out router modes and basic commands in boson simulator

Frame Relay


Was not much comfortable with FR till yesterday, now am ok with it, jus went thru few links and a video tutorial of the same and chked how things work in the configuration stuff too… Though learned about FR long back in college days, was not sure how and where things are working with it, so it was a vague topic for me. Now am ok with the basics of frame relay and even the basic show/debug commands of the same.

These links are bit more helpful I guess..

Both are from cisco docs, but they are more elaborate..

Jus wanted to summarise wat i learnt reg FR

  • Its a packet switching N/w WAN protocol
  • Its based on STDM
  • X.25 is the first STDM protocol and FR was developed after it in 1984
  • It was standardised by 1990 when FR Consortium was formed, but it was not internationalised that time, later ANSI and ITU-T took it up and standardised it for international usage and privided specifications
  • DTE/DCE -> formed the major terminologies, where
    • DTE – Data Terminal Equipment – usually a router (L3)
    • DCE – Data Communication Equipment – usually a switch (L2)
  • AL – Access Line connects the DTE to DCE
  • TL – Trunk Line connects the DCE to other DCE
  • VC – Virtual circuit – end to end logical connections
    • SVC – Switched VC
    • PVC – Permanent VC
  • Encapsulation
    • CISCO specific
    • IETF specific
    • diff is pkt type is specified in cisco specific encapsulation
    • DLCI – Data Link Connection Identifier – 10 bits – 16 to 1007
    • CIR – Committed Information Rate

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


  • encapsulation frame-relay
  • frame-relay interface-dlci (16-1007)
  • Show commands
    • show interface serial()
    • show frame-relay lmi
    • show frame-relay pvc
  • Debug Commands
    • debug frame-relay events
    • debug frame-relay packet
    • debug frame-relay lmi

Need to chk it out in the simulator.. think its moving on fine.

Next need to read abt IP addressing, routing ..

Kubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake


I dono when kubuntu got released..

But jus downloaded it yesterday since I found freespire too slow.. and i din like the way the gnome apps are rendered there, chked out other linux distros which wil be ok for me, kubuntu was ok, since I wanted KDE, seeing all the praise for ubuntu wanted to chk its latest release… so installed it today.. I was jus a 6 step install. And it completed in around 20 minutes. OK, now its time to chk out my necessities..

chked mp3.. as usual not working, jus changed the sources list, and and installed libxine-extracodecs and kool, amarok worked fine, playing mp3s..

kubuntu desktop

internet.. i hav a bsnl dataone and all the IP and stuff got automatically configured,.. now time to chk web browser.. still konqueror is not having the default gmail capabilities.. hmm so jus did a apt-get for firefox installation and things are fine.

Then chked out ipod mounting, amarok is not automounting.. but was able to open in file viewer… din chk whether the mp4 stuff plays..

adept was nice, to chk for updates in the GUI mode.. but am ok with apt-get in command line.. used to it.. 🙂

Thats it I chked till now, need to make win 32 codecs work and also dvd playback.. and also chk out other programming stuff and chk out jedit.. Had a nice time after a some days.. since i wasnt using linux for some time ..! Now configured even kmail, so wil be default OS atleast for me in my home… was bit surprised when my mom told she cant prepare documents here, I explained openoffice to her, she wasnt that much pleased.. anyway time will change the usability ..



I am not that gud in networking protocols stuff.. but thats wat is required to get through the basics in ccna, so started reading rfcs, so that i get a clear picture of wat is it and wat its not…

Planning to read RFC 791 and 793 today .. will keep posting about wat i read before go and hit the bed…



DP told me abt this… was not sure wat that was.. chked out the other links.. ya one thing is for true that many people are drunk just too much.. why is this necessary.. this is wat the iceweasel team tells..

Gnuzilla is the GNU version of the Mozilla suite, and IceWeasel is the GNU version of the Firefox browser. Its main advantage is an ethical one: it is entirely free software. While the source code from the Mozilla project is free software, the binaries that they release include additional non-free software. Also, they distribute non-free software as plug-ins. (IceWeasel does keep the triple licensing used by Firefox to facilitate the reuse of code.)

Duplication of the same mozilla effort, I don think will be of much, its been a gud yr for firefox since even many win users hav adopted it, I think its a mere waste of time for developing such completely free.. it doesnt serve purpose to get an opensource browser to be dominant in web, with IE7 offering many more sleek features, its jus matter of unity in opensource projects which will lead to acquire the market..

This is much more cooler post..

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