Always in my hitlist, even when they are best of all the humans around me.. i jus look them as killers, who kill someone around them, intentionally (becas they know they are smoking right?)

I din meet anyone who smokes, personally till I went to office.

My dad doesn’t smoke or drink either.

I got to know many guys when I was into training… as they were my batch mates, I thought they jus smoke for fun, Never felt much serious about it, since they never did it often. When I was put into the project, jus saw, that there are few smokers around me. Felt embarassed, when they talk to me after having a puff. I never liked it..! I avoided one by one and finally ended up in avoiding many in the team…! huh wat a bad social animal I must be I thought.. So i jus took some time in observing people who really cause cancer to others, leave the occational smokers… I picked a bunch. Avoided them to the core.

Being in a team, people need to think how others will feel and think about what they do, each and every action, word we speak accounts. No one is a friend there in a professional arena. Behavior literally matters much than anything else to me, atleast in my team.

What wikipedia has to say abt smokers?