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Got this error when trying to post a comment in chaku’s blog

Dono why it was like this, my ISP is none other, BSNL guys. Was not sure, wat is open proxy, just checked out wiki and got the basic info abt the same. All I know is a proxy server is the one in which clients connect to Internet indirectly with diff ips. In office also I use proxy to connect to internet. Dono why BSNL is routing thru open proxy :-S

Am not able to post any comments to livejournal, wordpress (caught as spam!), blogspot allows me since am registered there.. let see, why this happens. Doing some reading abt it. Anyone who knows, jus pass me a link, so that I can chk it out, why I get such errors.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Vettayadu Vilayadu…


A movie that I wished to watch looong back..!

I was impressed by kamal asusual…. ๐Ÿ˜› Not that happy with jo, the chemistry is not there between this pair is my thought. Movie is bit more vulgar than usual crime thrillers… Talking more about sex, especially in the second half made me sick. One of the villains was bit over acting, other one seemed to be dumb, not at all acting.. huh.. anyway kamal is there to steal the show. Personally felt, really to kill those guys (villians!).. oh no.. am not a serial killer ๐Ÿ™‚

Songs were awsome really. I liked each and every song..

The movie resembled kakha kakha in most of the places, and almost kamal seemed to be enacting like surya.. then suddenly i remembered its the same director so same product..!

Smokers… GO AWAY to pluto!



Always in my hitlist, even when they are best of all the humans around me.. i jus look them as killers, who kill someone around them, intentionally (becas they know they are smoking right?)

I din meet anyone who smokes, personally till I went to office.

My dad doesn’t smoke or drink either.

I got to know many guys when I was into training… as they were my batch mates, I thought they jus smoke for fun, Never felt much serious about it, since they never did it often. When I was put into the project, jus saw, that there are few smokers around me. Felt embarassed, when they talk to me after having a puff. I never liked it..! I avoided one by one and finally ended up in avoiding many in the team…! huh wat a bad social animal I must be I thought.. So i jus took some time in observing people who really cause cancer to others, leave the occational smokers… I picked a bunch. Avoided them to the core.

Being in a team, people need to think how others will feel and think about what they do, each and every action, word we speak accounts. No one is a friend there in a professional arena. Behavior literally matters much than anything else to me, atleast in my team.

What wikipedia has to say abt smokers?

Need of the hour!

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Well.. alloted the task to be started with in the office by monday!

Need to recollect all the scripting in jus 2 days ๐Ÿ˜€

Starting off with TCL tutorial pages, plan is to read it completely and get things going before tomoro morning, after which i wil continue upon my bash. Looking out for some list of questions or some stuff, for which i can try coding in tcl, not finding many till now.

I want to learn………


Well…. I wanted to learn… and the list goes like this

  • Advanced BASH Programming
  • PERL
  • TCL
  • Python
  • CISCO N/w stuff to get some basics ( if things go on, wil try to take up some CCNA )
  • UNIX / Solaris internals

Thats pretty big (huh??) vague listย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ of wat i wanted to know today..
Letย me keep track of how things are progressing.

Actual efforts are being taken for learning BASH programming.
Others are stil in the learner’s stage.. (need to give some boost though!)
Better I take up a crash course today frm some site, since monday I need to catch up with it for my job! ๐Ÿ™‚