I got my 5th metatarsal in right leg fractured on 29th july. Here is a glimpse of it 🙂


How does it look.. hmm no idea how it can be.. Never thought such a small crack would make me stay in home for longer than a month.. So how will people with leg fractures tackle their daily life? here is a website to share those chores.

There are some Dos and Donts here in tat site, which am strictly following..


  • Drink lot of milk (I drink horlics 😛 )
  • Drink more water (to keep our metabolic acts as active as it was b4)
  • Have some calcium tablets prescribed by doc (+ some calcium sandoz if u prefer!)
  • Have stuff rich in calcium like cabbage, greens, carrot, to give good supply of the same. Try to drink milk whenever u feel like, since its the only source that helps. Well I don like milk, so horlics 😀
  • Don be idle.. Do something, which may or may not be useful..
  • Watch all the latest releases (if u are a movie freak!)
  • Spend time with family (which u never get when u get back to work)


  • Don’t drink coffee since it stops the bone healing activity
  • Lower the sugar content, stop all those cakes and pastries
  • Don’t have more oil in the food that you take, since u may add few more kilos since u are jus sitting or sleeping all time and no wallking and less activitiy to burn the calories.

Well these are the things that I am doing for the past one month or so

I was expecting someone to guide me regarding shifting my blog..

But no use.. 😦 I tried to show some xml magic and shift it here.. But of no use!

Anyway better late than never.. I started continuing my blog here..