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Yesterday was one of the boring days .. So jus thought i can do something else except for reading something technical… or chking something with freespire

Hmm.. watched few movies.. not interested in watching KANK, so thought of chking out some music, Instrumental jus peeped into my mind.. jus was talking with my friend and chked few instrumental hits.. at time like 1 or 2 am in the morning.. its really pleasant to hear such stuff..

I chked out cooltoad and found it is having some gud collections.. 🙂


Image of the Day!

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Archu's fav stmt

Convert DOS files to UNIX files


This is the article that I am referring to..

Often people who work cross-platform face these issues.. having ^M and ^Z characters in their files, while opening in unix based machines.. not able to actually remove them.. completely..

Chk it out and that article really helps..! 😀

Infy’s Corporate Blog


This is it
Its named Think Flat

Got it from Toufeeq

Well.. as everyone would have guessed I try to look out one for Wipro.. But it seems that the domain which hosted the blog expired and no idea why Wipro din have the blog in its own domain.. !

Corporate – The Movie


Watched the movie, Corporate, few days back..

Awsome screenplay and camera work.. which brings before us the highprofile corporate life, Each character, is scripted in a topclass fashion.. and the comments that cops (minister’s security) and the office assistants crack are the highlight. Real credit goes to Bipasha 🙂

Bipasha named a Nishiganda Dasgupta.. clearly stands out of others in portraying emotions and takes care that she doesnt over react even in a single place (including the scene when she breaks down when Ritesh dies!)

Well, the movie revolves around 2 buisiness giants, seghal group and marwa group.. both in food processing industries.. They are traditional rivals, and each one want the other to leave the business.. They do all unethical stuff !

Finally the result of the movie is not that cindrella story which ends “they lived happily ever after”. Its the truth that money wins over all (may be not always!). But in this Madhur’s film it does win..!

My fracture a glimpse :)


I got my 5th metatarsal in right leg fractured on 29th july. Here is a glimpse of it 🙂


How does it look.. hmm no idea how it can be.. Never thought such a small crack would make me stay in home for longer than a month.. So how will people with leg fractures tackle their daily life? here is a website to share those chores.

There are some Dos and Donts here in tat site, which am strictly following..


  • Drink lot of milk (I drink horlics 😛 )
  • Drink more water (to keep our metabolic acts as active as it was b4)
  • Have some calcium tablets prescribed by doc (+ some calcium sandoz if u prefer!)
  • Have stuff rich in calcium like cabbage, greens, carrot, to give good supply of the same. Try to drink milk whenever u feel like, since its the only source that helps. Well I don like milk, so horlics 😀
  • Don be idle.. Do something, which may or may not be useful..
  • Watch all the latest releases (if u are a movie freak!)
  • Spend time with family (which u never get when u get back to work)


  • Don’t drink coffee since it stops the bone healing activity
  • Lower the sugar content, stop all those cakes and pastries
  • Don’t have more oil in the food that you take, since u may add few more kilos since u are jus sitting or sleeping all time and no wallking and less activitiy to burn the calories.

Well these are the things that I am doing for the past one month or so

I was expecting someone to guide me regarding shifting my blog..

But no use.. 😦 I tried to show some xml magic and shift it here.. But of no use!

Anyway better late than never.. I started continuing my blog here..

Learnt a good deal abt DNS and BIND


Staying in home, moving around 3 or 4 rooms makes me really sick.. so thought I could dwell into something I barely know.. how DNS exactly works.. and hows BIND its enhanced version works…

DNS came into picture becas ARPANET failed becas of its HOST.TXT file issue. The issue is there were name collisions which was not handled efficiently. Traffic and load were not really maintained properly in ARPANET, since it was basically designed for smal netework, when promoted to host internet, things started screwing up. Finally it missed (can we say messed? ) consistency levels…

So, here comes Paul Mockapetris, released RFCs 882 & 883 [ which later developed into RFC 1034 & 1035, with enhancements ]

Hmm.. what exactly is DNS? nothing serious, its a distributed DB 🙂 based on client server technology. Server is referred as Name Server, and client as Resolver..

——> Hosts
——> Sub-domains

First implementation of DNS was JEEVES by Paul as we know.. and the later implementation of DNS is BIND…
So wats BIND?
BIND => Berkley Internet Name Domain, started out in BSD 4.3 by Kevin Dunlap. Now its maintained by Internet Software Consortium

OK..lets get into something thats more interesting.. leaving behind all these history stuff..

How are things organised and working out in DNS?
So its similar to unix file system type of listing..
top-level domian names, followed by second level domain ..

top-level domain names like (.com, .org etc.. ) use the delegation model to traverse through the second level and further down..
So how does managing a domian, subdomain take place.. well its delegated.. the management is like this..

consider a site
.com is the toplevel domian which delegates the google guys to manage blogspot , which is a subdomain, whereas, blogspot guys delegate archu ( its me!! ) to manage that particular page.. its that way as simple as it is.. no collisions..

Sounds fine.. but wat is data is lost in toplevel domain..?
here comes the kool back up strategy they follow… they have a primary master and secondary master to take care of the same..
check out the RFCs for more detailed info reg the same 🙂

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