Each person in this world who knows bit of english may know the meaning of this word..

But sometimes it seems that none of them are really thinking to this extent…

Consider the following instance,

In a learning group, when one person knows more than others do, there is ofcourse a good chance of knowledge sharing that will take place. But it can be turned the other side too.. that is when people become bit more nagging about the issue that other person knows more and keeps perstering, till they extract the full juice from him/her, especially vocally.

They keep asking W, H questions, which literally irritates the other end and they can just think to ignore… Even though people are pointed towards resources, they keep questioning and expect classroom or one to one training, which is not a better way after certain age.. that too after you become a professional. If you are one among people who think perstering and extracting a known person will help, then please read this. It actually creates a big gap between you and that techie guy/girl.

What you can do when you face a problem?

1. Try to think whether this is under your control or you need help.

2. If you think situation is in your control, then better you are far ahead from the people I am talking about. If you need help, then think of what kind of help you need, whether it is physical or mental..

Like….. If your computer catches fire, then ofcourse you need help. But I am talking about the learning sessions.

For people in IT industry who are not much proactive.. can follow these steps..

When people tell you are not proactive, then just tell them that you will try to become proactive from that moment.

1. Dont forget that we have a Good friend named GOOGLE. Google before you ask any doubt to anyone.

2. If things can’t be googled, such as confidential documents, then just ask people, if there is any document. If yes then you are lucky, if they tell no, then try to ask them to draft one and help you since time is saved in KT for both and this doc can be used by many other people who need a KT session like you.

Just think how it will look like when everyone knock the door of Newton to learn his motion laws 🙂

If you don’t know whether you are proactive or not.. here I can suggest few tips..

—–> When you call, that person sits as if he/she din’t hear you calling, but is able to listen to voices of people few rows away

—–> When you make a phone call, they rarely pick up, even when they pick up, they think of disconnecting the call.

—–> They never look at your face while answering, which shows that they don’t care whether you understood or not, since you will anyway ask it again.

—–> When you ask for their help, then they will try to postpone the schedule.

FRIENDS PLEASE BE PROACTIVE!!!!!!!!! It will help in long run and give you a certain amount of confidence which nothing else will give.

Wrote this article since I see many people doing like this around me in the working place and public places.


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