Is it an effect of global warming?…

Iam talking about the comfort level that i have with my friends..
Not the rain in chennai..

Sometimes , we get alienated, but things are not same as it used to be.. they change, and they change us too.. I have changed .. my friends too.. BUT there is something that still stays longer, even though Global Relationships are having their own effects.. I am trying to visualize a more matured friendship which few would have thought about, while others would have been following without even thinking wat it is… while some are not considering this option 🙂

Today we , the people in chennai had ood downpour.. I heard more than 2 people near me talk about global warming…

Yes it is the Global Warming that caused Rain today in the city..

But there are certain Global Warming……….., which will cause torrential downpour in hearts…!
Only people whoo experience hearty rain can understand wat i mean..

For others… jus wait till that day, when some friend of urs makes u feel that way !!!!!!

And my congrats to Ramesh who cleared DB2 certification with 85% today..! 🙂
For those who dono who Ramesh is .. jus chk out this blog.. !