It was Wednesday night 11pm.. i was thinking about trying out some bsd versions and get into some hardcore unix stuff.. I was chking out the available cds with me.. i found pcbsd,.. it seemed to be simple and easy to install as it was only one cd.. i can start the installation and take a nap was my thought.. but things turned upside down… The step which screwed up my partitions..

I should be able to see all the partitions in my hdd..
But wat i saw was .. jus primary and logical (all logical paritions combined into one)..
I cant proceed unless i see ext2 partition (where mandriva 2006 is installed..) . i jus selected the logical parition and selected to proceed.. but i got a message telling me that it would format the selected parition if i click “yes” and loose all data.. so wat i did is jus clicked “cancel” in that message box.. What i expected was.. the installation wil stop/abort and return to previous page.. but i was getting the same message box again and again.. so i jus pressed the reboot button in my cabinet.. which rebooted the pc instantaneously..

Now comes the shocking news for me… I was not able to see my logical fat32 paritions.. I still remember that i cancelled the installation and din allow bsd to taste my harddisk.. but i stil dono… wat really happened becas iam stil bit poor in partition table management.. i love xp and linux since they made this parition stuff easy and confirm things twice before they ever do anythign.. but things are not as it seems..

Finally I understood that bsd started to do something, and i aborted, so it was showing the parition as bsd, though it is actually a fat32 and ext2 partitions.. Anyway i googled a recovery tool and recovered stuf.. when kishore popped up and helped me with another recovery tool.. After everythign is over.. I made my dual boot system as i had before.. But Iam still thinking wat went wrong..??????????