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“IBM Rational® ClearCase® provides life cycle management and control of software development assets. With integrated version control, automated workspace management, parallel development support, baseline management, and build and release management, Rational ClearCase provides the capabilities needed to create, update, build, deliver, reuse and maintain business-critical assets.”

When I was asked to work in ct, I was thining about having some good overview about teh entire tool, so that i dont do something stupid with it.. so i jus browsed through and got some info.. which i feel will form the basis of the further ct learning process..

Few ct related stuff i learnt today..

Clearcase Overview

VOB – Versioned Object Base, which is a repository kind of stuff..

MVFS – Multi Version File System.. this file system is used to mount the VOBs through views , which can be done using views.. (dynamic views)

Views – To access files under ClearCase control, we should set up and work in a view, which shows a directory tree of specific versions of source files. There are 2 types of views;

# Snapshot views, which copy files from data repositories called VOBs (versioned object bases) to our computer.

# Dynamic views, which use the multiversion file system (MVFS) of ClearCase to provide immediate, transparent access to the data in VOBs. (Dynamic views may not be available on all platforms)

Elements – A ClearCase element is the history for one file or directory. It contains all the versions on all the branches for that file. It also contains all the information about the file, such as which versions are labeled with what labels, which versions are checked out, when versions were checked in, by whom, etc. An element contains everything there is to know about a file.

I need to learn few more about ct, so that i know wat iam doign with it in my job 🙂

A good tutorial about clear case..another one here..!

Wikipedia stuff…

Clear case Commands