Iam a cap, hat lover.. watever u want to call.. call it..
The cap fascination grew more and more when i see policemen near in my school wearing it (i used to think watchman as police men during my school days)..

I used to think that wearing a cap means holding a high authority over others becas i saw even my teachers follow wat the policemen (watchmen) told n parking the vehicles. Its only later i found that it was his duty.. [we wil discuss about that in another blog entry.. ehehhe!]

Watever may be .. my love towards cap was never ending..

Finally i was trying to get a cap when i was going to guruvayur.. unfortunately there .. no shops which had caps.. then we went to a trip to kanya kumaari.. i was afraid of my dad.. so i din ask that time too…

Then i got my first cap , when amma got me, telling that i shouldnt ask anything else in the bazaar.

Then when we come to chennai for some function or when we go to shopping in tnagar i used to get one or 2 caps.. people don mind.. becas i wont be asking anyother stuff.. (forget about icecreams now 😀 )

Then i started to get it from uthra.. she went to a trip to kanyakumaari.. i was doing my 12th grade that time.. she got a hat for me.

After that collection mania started..
Each time we go to thirupathi i used to ask for a type of cap that is not with me..each time i will be warned that this wil be the last time that i get a cap from her. As usual its an infinite loop till today..

Now totally i got 6 caps i guess.. but only 3 are with me here in chennai.. others are in coimbatore and in madurai.. 😀


For history lovers.. here is a link which they may wish to read

Iam not able to find anyother better link.. if anyone got any good link.. jus post it down.. may be few proud cap owners/lovers would like to read..

My hat collection is yet to start since i missed the first hat that i got when uthra bought it frm southern tip of India. so people who would like to gift me.. can get me black/brown caps/hats.. you can see me full of smiles even if that hat /cap doesnt suit me much.. 😛 😀