I was pestering the whole of my family to get a digicam/camcorder for me , so that i can take as many pictures as i want..
But since the financial situations are subject to market risks, people in home never read my offer document for investing in this..
Finally i wanted to buy it as early as possible since we will be having some functions in home..

Uthra suggested a camcorder instead of digital camera..
I told ok.. and we waited till amma came here..
Amma came here jus today morning and i decided to chk he local shops for teh availability..
At this point i need to finalise the brand.. everyone in home are happy with sony.
Uthra called up sony world in CP.ramasamy road and we went there ..

We first chked 2 camcorders, they were around 19k, and our budget was around 15k.. amma and uthra were bit upset seeing the proce.. anyway i started to chk out the features, they were suiting mostly for videos than still images, to my astonishment it din support still image itself.. everythign need to be video and there is only video from that camcorder. But i was thinking about the still images, since iam not going to be a camera girl.. taking this camcorder and moving around. So i started to take a look at the cameras around. There were 2 types, one is sony cybershot DSC-S600 and other one i don remember the name..

We got this sony cybershot..
chk it out..

Here are list of features..
It came with jus 32 mb memory card.. so we got a 512 mb stick and added to it. (this addition costed 4990/-)
It can take still images and also capture video up to 6.0 megapixels and 3x zoom.
It also has a normal 2 AA battery.. we need to buy a rechargeable battery set ( 2 batteries and one charger for them) for around 1000/-
These are the technical terms that i understood from the sales person there.
An also the camera is very easy to operate for a starter like me.

Total cost is 19580/-
Bit more than the budget we thought.. but everyone seems to be happy… 😀