Cassette to MP3 Convertor


I got this convertor.. which is nothing but a connector to the outlet of the tape and inlet where we plugin our mic.

Paati is very happy since i got this, .. becas i cna convert all her ramayana, bhagavatham to mp3s and put in cds so that she neednt worry about the tapes anymore.. interesting to know that this tape i got for 100/- 🙂

Since i was not aware of this simple stuff.. i need to spend 100 bucks.
anyway iam happy that paati ia happy..

Now volume 2 of ramayana conversion is on the way.. 🙂


Linux CDs

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Meanwhile iam getting more mails regarding distributing linux cds. If
anyone reading this need any cd, please refer to the list of cds that
i have here

I can mail the cds only during week ends, since time is there only to
eat and run to office. 😦

Hope its not a problem..

As iam an ardent KDE lover, Iam currently downloading kubuntu 5.10

i chked ubuntu 5.10 and its kool and i feel there is a resemblence to
ease of use in GUI as in windows. If anyone need the same, i got the
originals pressed frm the ubuntu themselves. They are sleeping in my
cardboard box in the last shelf of mine.

Iam into optical networking..

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They put me into a project finally..

Iam into testing services.

From tomoro there is training in testing and optical communication.
I need to leanr more since all the words i hear about the project is
something that i never thought i would hear it here..

I was completely prepared for a development project, be it oracle or
java. But when they told me that things will be testing and i need to
master TCL TK scripts.. really i was not having a opinion wat to do
how to go about..

Finally a plan was made for the training and tomoro it starts.

.net meet || RFCs || Movies

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Life is jus moving here..
tommorrow need to give the cds to Ancy so that she would give to Aarthi, feeling tired to travel there.. anyway, things taken should be given back. Thats it. THe meet was fine.

Found the RFC thigns and mailed the rfc-editor, hope he responds positively and timely.

Saw KK, colourful movie, i liked it always. songs were neat and AR always rock.

Thats It 🙂