I was wondering where and why this comment comes..
I beleive that code should be like a mirror that it never needs any comment to be explained..
Here i talk about formatting the code and specifying things with good spacing etc..
But in companies they follow standards in which commenting and documentation forms a major part..
But they forget that when transparent code is now written and if that code is not understood by the person they gired to continue the job without having comments in the code.. then he obvioulsly should not be hired..
I havenot read many codes, but i feel even if i dont understand the code without comments then iam not fit for that particular code continue works… A framework can be given.. but explaining ech and every variable declaration.. really iam not for it..

But i did comment my code when i did it in my Final sem proj, but i dont think its a good practice…

All this rant coming after iam reading this article frm slashdot

This is the article

Anyway its upto the programmer and his sponsor πŸ™‚