Shell Script basics over || Python started


Completed shell script basics a week before
and now into python,…

Reading its online docs 🙂


Knoppix 3.6 installation in hard disk., Iam not lucky :(


Knoppix.. yes i installed it since i want to have a light distro with all features..
and the main purpose of this installation was to merge few of my partitions.. and have a organised os
but 😦

i installed it yesterday and today iam not able to work there
I dont want to list that issue here..
here are the links for my problem..
i posted in LQ and another linux forum..

Hope and pray that i get response..
friends.. if anyone encountered similar boot problems.. please let me know wat u people did to recover and get things working :-S

Reading SAMS 24 hr Shell programming


This is book is nice to refresh quickly.. 🙂
i need to look into tldp docs too, but its quite time consuming..
any thoughts reg the same are welcome and if any links are there like exercises or questions which can be solved using shel script then do let me know, since iam killing time by these stuffs only these days..

Regarding commenting the code


I was wondering where and why this comment comes..
I beleive that code should be like a mirror that it never needs any comment to be explained..
Here i talk about formatting the code and specifying things with good spacing etc..
But in companies they follow standards in which commenting and documentation forms a major part..
But they forget that when transparent code is now written and if that code is not understood by the person they gired to continue the job without having comments in the code.. then he obvioulsly should not be hired..
I havenot read many codes, but i feel even if i dont understand the code without comments then iam not fit for that particular code continue works… A framework can be given.. but explaining ech and every variable declaration.. really iam not for it..

But i did comment my code when i did it in my Final sem proj, but i dont think its a good practice…

All this rant coming after iam reading this article frm slashdot

This is the article

Anyway its upto the programmer and his sponsor 🙂

Shell Script stuff iam reading

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These are the links that iam using…

Bash beginner’s guide
File System in Linux

Never boot into windows :)


Found that all my requirements are satisfied in FC4 and debian 3.1(which i removed without knowing :(( !! )
So i may never boot into windows again …
got k3b for burnign cds
got gweled game here too…
java is working fine
reliance net is also fine here..
so why go back for the windows..?
no antivirus update 😀

Rute’s Tutorial

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Though I never knew that one existed with the above name. I jus got it
when some one from ILUGC posted its link .. I think it is worth having
it in my blog 🙂

Check it out and let me know if you find it to be usefull >>

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